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Javier R Barrera


Javier, as the co-founder and Principal of the firm, serves as the visionary leader, providing overarching design direction for all projects. He fosters team-wide integration, communication, and coordination to ensure alignment with project schedules and budgets. With over two decades of experience in architecture and design, Javier has spearheaded diverse projects spanning urban design developments, residential and mixed-use high-rises, hospitality venues, convention center hotels, transportation facilities, and various commercial projects across the United States and Latin America. This extensive background has finely tuned his attention to detail and cultivated a profound appreciation for the harmonious fusion of form and function.

In recent years, Javier's expertise has expanded into prefabricated modular construction and sustainable, energy-efficient design, significantly influencing the firm's design ethos. Notably, he has led the development of several successful mixed-use and residential projects in South Florida and Louisiana, employing innovative problem-solving approaches to achieve financial viability. Born in Venezuela and raised in both The United States and Ireland, Javier's multicultural upbringing, coupled with extensive travel throughout South America, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Europe, inspires his designs with a rich tapestry of cultural influences. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from Lehigh University and a Master of Architecture from The University of Pennsylvania.

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